Edibles are products like food, drinks, candy, and lozenges that have cannabinoids in them. THC is the most commonly used cannabinoid in edibles, but there are also edibles with CBD and other cannabinoids like full-spectrum edibles that contain THC, CBD, and other less known cannabinoids.

If you have tried different types of edibles, you might have observed that some of them take effect more quickly than others. This is due to how they are consumed. Edibles can be consumed in various ways, such as sublingually or buccally (under the tongue or through the cheek) or through digestion (when they are swallowed).

Edibles such as candies and lozenges are absorbed through the thin skin in your cheek and under your tongue since they stay in your mouth. This process allows cannabinoids to get into your bloodstream more quickly than edibles like brownies, which require digestion. As a result, you may feel the effects of a lozenge more quickly than those of a cannabis biscuit.

Cannabis beverages can be consumed in two ways. Some of the drink is absorbed through the mouth while the rest goes to the stomach for digestion. As a result, the effects of these beverages may be felt faster than digested edibles, but slower than edibles that remain in the mouth.

To better understand how long it takes for cannabis edibles to take effect, it’s important to know that they can be absorbed through the mouth or digestion. We generally advise waiting a full hour to feel the effects, although it’s worth noting that some edibles may take effect much sooner than this.

If you’re consuming a marijuana lollipop, the cannabinoids will be absorbed through your mouth, leading to quicker effects than edibles that need to be digested. On the other hand, if you prefer chewing and swallowing edibles like gummies, the cannabinoids will be absorbed through your digestive system, metabolized by the liver, and reintroduced to the bloodstream, which is a slower process and takes more time to feel the effects.

To determine how quickly an edible can affect you, there are several factors to consider, including your gender, weight, tolerance levels, and the THC dosage. Additionally, what you ate that day can also have an impact. For this reason, we recommend starting with a low dose and figuring out what works best for you, based on the type of edible you are consuming.

What are the Different Types of Edibles?

There are too many marijuana edible types to list, as new ones are constantly being introduced to the market. These range from cannabis-infused marinades to dehydrated apple slices. However, the most commonly found types of edibles at dispensaries can be grouped into five categories.

Marijuana Gummies & Chews

Gummy cannabis edibles are available in various shapes and sizes, and they may even resemble popular non-cannabis chewy candies. However, you should be aware that they still contain cannabis, so it’s important to monitor your dosage and avoid unpleasant side effects.

Baked Goods & Cannabis Brownies

Although marijuana brownies are a well-known baked edible, there are now many more options available. The cannabis industry has greatly expanded its range of baked products, so you can now purchase cookies, pancakes, muffins, and more.

THC Beverages & Drink Mixes

You can consume cannabis by drinking it. There are a variety of cannabis beverages available, including seltzers, teas, juices, and more. Alternatively, if you prefer to create your own, you can use drink mixes that contain cannabinoids like THC to make the perfect beverage at home.

Marijuana Mints & Hard Candies

Although there are mints and hard candies infused with cannabinoids and terpenes, a lot of them contain THC distillate for a more enjoyable taste without any marijuana flavour. These edibles are absorbed by the cheek wall or under the tongue, resulting in a quicker effect compared to digested edibles.

THC-Infused Cooking & Baking Oils

If you want to make your own cannabis-infused edibles, check out cooking and baking products that are designed for this purpose. You’ll find a variety of ingredients available, including cannabutter and taco seasoning, that you can use to add cannabis to your meals (only for adults!).

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